Written Testimonials

I used Kardia Real Estate to sell my condo I was struggling to sell for a few months. They contacted me and we were able to work out mutual beneficial deal to sell it. They are great professionals, and I would highly recommend them. I have recommended them to a few others that have completed deals. Thanks, Kardia!


Trying to purchase a new home was difficult as selling my condo was not viable in depressed market. That is when I was referred to Margarita from Kardia Real Estate. We were able to settle on a price that worked for the both of us and ensured an easy transition with flexibility and ease. I am glad that Margarita and the Kardia team were able to help me out!


I was referred to Margarita when I was having trouble selling my condo. Her and the Kardia Team made the entire process so seamless! We were able to work out a price that allowed me to sell my condo and work towards my future home! I would definitely recommend the Kardia Team to anyone who is having a hard time selling their home in todays market!


Video Testimonial