Rent to Own
when traditional
methods don't work.

If you’re having difficulty qualifying for a mortgage, we can give you options! At Kardia Communities, we will help you qualify for your house because everyone deserves a place to call home!

With Rent to Own, Homeownership
is Easier than you think. Here is how it works:


Regardless of your credit situation, our team will work WITH you to get you approved for a rent-to-own home. Once you find a home you love, a down payment will be required, and a legally binding Agreement for Sale contract is created, with your needs in mind, to ensure you don’t lose money.


Once the agreement is signed, you’re on your way to becoming a homeowner! Your monthly payments will help build up your down payment while boosting your credit score!


At Kardia, we connect you with a team of experts – Credit Specialists and Mortgage Brokers – to ensure you are on track to qualify for a mortgage at the end of your rent to own term.


Once you’re at the end of the rent to own term, with good credit and mortgage approval, the remaining portion of the down payment will be required, and you can qualify to take over the home as the legal owner!

Benefits of
Rent to Own
with Kardia

If you’re tired of renting but don’t meet the qualifications required by traditional lending institutions, The Agreement for Sale contract is created with YOUR NEEDS in mind to achieve a win-win solution!

We work closely with you, to help build your credit score and provide you with the necessary knowledge to help you maintain it long after you own the home.

The purchase price agreed upon at the beginning of the Rent to Own term doesn’t change, even if the real estate market fluctuates and the home value increases!

Like any other homeowner, you are free to renovate and improve the property! This will help you acquire real equity in your property!

Are you facing a difficult situation that
is holding you back from owning a home?

We understand that challenges can arise that prevent individuals from achieving the goal of owning a home. When you work with Kardia Communities, you get a refreshingly transparent approach that is headache-free and ensures your best interest every step of the way!


New Canadians may face the challenge of not having an established credit history. Kardia Communities’ Rent to Own program works with you and gives you time to build your credit while living in a home that you can call your own!


If you’re self-employed and have challenges declaring a steady income, don’t worry! With a 2-year Notice of Assessment we will work with you to get you into your home, and connect you with a Credit Specialist or Mortgage Broker to get approved at the end of your RTO term!


Kardia Communities’ Rent to Own program allows you to build your credit by making consistent monthly payments. Our Credit Specialists will also offer you more knowledge about different avenues to boost your credit to qualify for a mortgage by the end of the rent to own term.


Let us help give you peace of mind. Our Rent to Own program provides you with all the necessary support needed to help you get back on your feet, build and maintain your credit, while living in your own home.


Traditional lenders may be unwilling to lend you a mortgage with a low income. At Kardia Communities, we will help get you into a home that you can afford through the RTO program.


Don’t have enough for your full down payment? No problem! We’ll work with you to develop a flexible payment schedule that suits your needs to get you into your home quicker.

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