Our Team

Carolin Ricciardi


Carolin Ricciardi is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, author, coach, and speaker on a mission to inspire individuals to awaken their gifts through the power of journaling. She is the proud owner of Kardia Communities, a fast-growing Development and Real Estate company focused on finding ways to better our communities and the world we live in by creating win-win solutions for everyone involved. Carolin is passionate about teaching financial literacy to all individuals with an enhanced focus on women, in hopes of empowering more women around the world to take control of their financial future. 

When Carolin is not focused on her business endeavors, she is taking every chance she can get to go surfing, traveling, enjoy outdoor activities, and spending time with her family. Carolin and her family are actively involved in giving back wherever they can. They all share in the desire to make this world a better place by cleaning the environment at all opportunities, making conscious decisions to protect animals in need, and helping individuals receive resources to help them enjoy a higher quality of life. 

Though Carolin is constantly travelling to share her message with the world, she considers Calgary, Alberta, Canada to be her home. 

Michael Hamdar


Michael Hamdar has over 24 years’ track record in helping organizations reinvent themselves, secure large capital, increase profits, and expand into new markets. Global experience in managing large scale projects in a wide range of industries including transportation, financial services, manufacturing, and technology.

Christan Hiscock


From business services to real estate, to finance, Christan has invested in, acquired, and pioneered unique and successful ventures across multiple industries. At 14 years old, he founded his first business and initiated his professional career as a heart-centered entrepreneur.  

After creating the structure and first few divisions of Kardia Financial Group, Christan was ready to expand the company’s vision of creating that impactful experience into the world of real estate, and community development. Christan and the leadership team joined forces with long-time associate Carolin Ricciardi to execute the vision of Kardia Real Estate which has grown to be Kardia Communities. As the company expanded, Christan has remained a driving force to continue to push the scope of Kardia Communities work to make their services genuine and accessible on a domestic and international level, and most importantly heart centered. 

Christan can often be heard saying “You mean more than you know”. He believes that as people learn to understand their worth, their fears fade, and amazing feats become reality. His mission empowers people so they can be built up to live fulfilled lives – something that is reflected in all his ventures. 

Margarita Muller

Management and Growth Director

Long before joining the Kardia Family, Margarita had always dreamed of working in Real Estate. She has a strong background and passion in marketing as she is also a proud owner of her own online media company. Personal growth has always been a theme in her life and career, therefore getting the chance to help others work towards that same goal stood out as a great opportunity. Her professional experience, interest in Real Estate and her desire to help others led her to the Management and Growth Director role for Kardia Communities. Time and again, Margarita has proven her ability to guide the team in ways that promotes the growth of the business, her 

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Bob Hearn

Lead Realtor

As a former CBC journalist, corporate communications and marketing expert, and realtor, Bob has a deep understanding of the importance of community growth and development. Since joining the Kardia family, he has played a vital role in property acquisitions, sales, and strategizing ways to maximize productivity and efficiency. Kardia Communities is extremely proud to have Bob as the Lead Realtor as his innovative mindset and coupled with his passion for innovation will lead to a multitude of successes for our clients and our community. 

In his free time, Bob loves to golf as he believes it is the only sport that can never be truly mastered – only managed. He also loves to challenge himself and is always open to new experiences. He has been skydiving despite fearing heights and even eaten fried grasshoppers on a dare! Though Bob recognizes that structure is needed to maintain focus and consistency, he is always there to lighten the mood and cheer up his teammates with the occasional “Dad joke”. 

Nicole Stratton

Consultant - Acquisitions

Nicole is a vital member of the Kardia Team! With extensive knowledge and professional background in Real Estate, she joined Kardia as a core member of the Property and Project Acquisitions team! She finds and negotiates numerous real estate deals in Southern Alberta, and British Columbia.  

Nicole loves connecting people, thinking big, and creating opportunities for buyers, sellers, and developers. A creative, outside-the-box thinker, Nicole has a knack for finding solutions to challenging situations. Nicole divides her time between Canmore in the Rocky Mountains (where she loves climbing, hiking, and camping) and Vancouver Island (where she enjoys sea kayaking and sailing). Nicole has lived all over the world, loves travel and the arts, and is always up for learning something new.